Turn your passion into a profession in Yash Bayla style!

Yash Bayla always loved to pose in front of the camera. He had a keen interest in fashion and other relevant sectors. He wanted to have significant communication skills with good looks to express himself. Since he had one of the keys to enter the fashion world, he jumped right into it. Yash has always been a dedicated individual in his field who believes in himself, so he does what he could to maintain consistency. Out of all the things, Yash always resonated the most with modelling.


Yash says, ‘Regular gym is one of his mantras to stay fit and sustain himself in the modelling industry.’ It’s his go-to place to release all the vexations that are usually occupying his headspace. He prefers to have a basic look stating “eat deliciously and look delicious.” He follows a nutritious diet that includes a gym, supplements like proteins, BCAA, multivitamins, etc. According to him, eating eggs plays a vital role in fulfilling the body’s daily protein requirement. His passion is his profession so, he can literally work 24*7, and travelling for work isn’t an issue for him.


Where others aim to win or be part of shows like Lakme Fashion Week or Bombay Times Fashion Week, Yash believes that the sky’s the limit. All he wants is to see himself growing from a model to a supermodel by consistency and hard work, where luck will play all the significant roles that it has decided.


Yash stays updated with the fashion industry affairs yet understands that psychology is an essential aspect of the advertisement industry. He knows modelling is an art of expression in front of a camera whereas, in advertising, psychology plays a vital role to create a buzz.


Yash is a super friendly person as he loves to make new friends from all walks of life. Moreover, he is extremely patient, and it works in his favour too. He is aware that a short temper can mess things up big, so he has chosen the path of tranquillity. When life builds the mountains to cover; to reach the final destination, these are the personality traits that helped Yash to navigate through his journey.

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