Terms & Conditions

1. Stall booking shall be denned to complete only when full payment is received before the commencement of Exhibition.

2. Layout of Stylize India Exhibition is subject to change and is tentatively designed

3. Stylize India provides 2 tea/ coffee for morning & evening on complimentary basis. Any requirement above the mentioned quantity will be chargeable. Also Exhibitor is responsible for the food coupon they have received.

4. Stylize India does not allow any sublet of stalls or sharing of stalls without the consent of Organizers.

5. Security –Stylize India shall not be responsible for any theft fire, accident loss or damage that exhibitions may incur at the time of Exhibition.

6. In the Event of cancellation please note that there will be no refund in case the cancellation is made less that 15 days prior to Exhibition, or else there will be 50 % adjustment of advance paid in next show of exhibition choice NOT REFUND WILL BE MADE WHAT SO EVER

7. Stylize India is subject to force majeure circumstances.

8. Promoting a participating band on face book or social media is at discretion of Organizers.

10. The Exhibitor takes responsibility of VAT, Sale Tax, LBT octopi, CST etc. complaints. Are solely responsible of all the tax liability.

11. For any misbehavior of Exhibitor Stylize India reserves right to cancel the participation of Exhibitor before or within the show and forfeit the payment

13. If any condition is not complied with or the stall amount is not fully paid, the organizers reserve full right to terminate participation or confusticate the stuff or both.