A girl who understands the true essence of an Indian wedding – Srishti Sehgal Sachdeva

We Indians want every single moment of our wedding to be memorable, and that’s what Srishti Sehgal Sachdeva does – making your wedding come true. Though a wedding planner by professional but when Srishti comes on board, she does a lot more than just planning your wedding. Super approachable and easy-going, she brings soul and real emotions to your D-day.

She wants to give you all the precious time and takes away all the stress on her capable shoulders while you enjoy each minute of your wedding festivities. Her overall job entails a lot of hustling and bustling around the local streets of Indian locations, and in her own words, she loves every aspect of it. She’ll make everything possible just the way clients like as her services are specially tailored for each specific couple.

Srishti loves to understand a couple’s vision, and she works to build and leverage relationships with those needed to bring the theory to life by flawlessly executing it. She makes way for a plan that straddles the line of being too detailed but also leaves a gap that can accommodate flexibility if required. From catering to music to décor and theme to photography, she handles it all with patience and great energy.

Wedding merriments are a big deal for every couple and their families all over the globe, and India is no different. Being the most treasurable days of the bride and groom’s life, Srishti wants those to count for both of them. She distinguishes how you want to remember your special day for life, and that’s why she serves you with creative ideation and personalized attention. Srishti completely understands all the drama an Indian wedding brings along, but that’s what she excels at, control the surprising things that are likely to come up.

She pours her heart and soul out to make your wedding day the most elite and unforgettable. By the time the wedding festivities are about to be over, the bride and groom find a cheerful comrade and a life-long best friend in her.

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