A make-up artist and an entrepreneur who’s driven by passion to outlive your expectations

Riya Vashist

Founder/CEO of RVMUA International Makeup Academy, Riya Vashist landed from USA with an endeavor to establish an innovative and unique business plan and that’s what she did successfully. With an outstanding experience of 15 years in the beauty industry, she wished to create a space for creativity and technical skills in an exemplary manner. Luckily, due to her sheer zeal and compassion, she prospered in passing on her expertise and experience to the next generation.

Donning the hat of an entrepreneur was her everlasting goal where she wanted to make a solid impact in the beauty industry with her ground-breaking concepts and basics of the craft of make-up artistry. But for Riya, only possessing certain skill-sets was never the ultimate goal. She perspires to inculcate knowledge in underprivileged women and single moms and that’s why she offers free training to them. These ladies learn necessary abilities that help them make a dignified living for themselves.

Riya is a goal-oriented and result-driven person. She believes in achieving remarkable outcomes and only that motivates her to work with further hard work and determination. She aligns the company’s vision and values with her own to achieve sure shot success.

Never to back down from a challenge, Riya is not one to miss an opportunity in her life. She thrives on chances and has the right skills and zeal to overcome any fear in her life. In fact, she maintains that even if she has lost on a battle but still, she has gained experience and knowledge, which in her eyes is the greatest victory of all.

She has lost lots of times in her career, life and business but she has never given up. She returned stronger than before. Her learnings have taught her to stand tall and face the next challenge life throws at her. And you win the battle when you go forth and face the task without fear. A woman of substance with a heart of a child, Riya lives a life full of fierce decisions and ample challenges without ever looking back.

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