Meet the girl next door, who can sparkle your day with her beautiful smile – Palak Yadav

Strikingly beautiful and flawlessly talented, that’s Palak Yadav for you. A gifted Punjabi girl who can dazzle anyone with her pretty eyes. Born in the city of Ahmedabad, Palak’s father is an esteemed army officer. Palak completed her studies in the same town and then went on to receive her degree in Psychology and Journalism from Chandigarh. Relatively a good student, what she didn’t know was life had planned something else for her.

She chanced upon modeling while completing her college to earn a few extra bucks. Casually entering into the glitzy realm of modeling, she fell in love with the art, and after that, there was no stopping her. As a model, she worked with some well-renowned bigwigs in the industry like Blenders Pride, Kingfisher, and Lakme.

But it wasn’t enough to quench her hunger for her passion, and that’s when she dedicatedly worked on herself to refine her art. Palak received professional dance training and also participated and conquered prestigious beauty pageants to up her game. From there, she got the opportunity to affiliate with many celebrated designers and personalities such as Rohit Verma, Rocky star, Rajdeep Ranaut, Shamita Shetty, Neha Kakkar, among others. Not just that, she’s also been a face of many TVCs, Canon, Oriflame, Gionee, Venus Gillette being part of the list.

This was when Palak was looking for a prospect where she could show her real personality, and God was with her. Her hard work paid off in the form of a prominent Indian reality show, Splitsvilla x3 with MTV. A terrace that has given her wings to fly. Palak has proved her adroitness on the show with her strong willpower and sensible disposition. She was well-received by audiences in the song “Guilty” by Inder Chahal and Karan Aujla, where she was featured.

Don’t be surprised if you find copious fan pages dedicated to her name on Instagram. She is deeply loved by many for her captivating solid personality. She is your minimal girl from a small town who talks less, but her work speaks volumes.

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