Nishankh Sainani – Reimaging the way we see Fashion and Art

The world of fashion and runways may seem all glitz and ostentatious to most but to a fashion quote minded head like ‘Nishankh Sainani’, it is not just an assortment of pretty outfits but a way of life. He is a man responsible for curating and guiding the top-notch labels put forth a fashion extravaganza in the name of prestigious runaways like ‘Lakme Fashion Week’ and ‘India Fashion Week’, FDCI India fashion week, India beach fashion week, Asian designer week, Couture runway week, Blenders pride magical nights, AP craft show, East India fashion week by a northeast federation and many more amongst others.

Nishankh is a bourgeoning fashion stylist, design consultant, founder of the company ‘Let’s Talk Fashion’, and a fashion label. He was awarded with the second prize at a prestigious fashion show conducted by FDAI for his vintage collection specially designed for the movie ‘Jodha Akhbar’. He works and collaborates with many artists and designers that make his days dynamic and ever-changing. Even in his spare time, he is always seeking inspiration while scrolling the latest fashion news, media, and art. It helps him to adapt in accordance to the new trends of the fashion industry.

Nishank is a knowledgeable fashion curator who has completed his Bachelor’s in Fashion Technology and Design from Hamstech College of Fashion, Hyderabad, Master’s Diploma in Fashion Psychology and Styling from London College of Fashion before putting a step into the actual working field. He has also gained experience with many hands-on projects. He quickly became a source of inspiration for many models, actors, and other influencers. Often termed as a young soul in the field, he’s eternally interested in learning all new and innovative things.

The best part about his work for him is meeting people from all walks of the world with astonishing talents and interests. He aims to present the work that relates to the youth and inspire them to wear clothes with innate confidence of their unique individuality.

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