With her artistic personality, here’s a supermodel who makes every picture look like a painting Pallavi Kaur

Meet Pallavi Kaur, aka Neon Kaur (stage name), a professional model who’s been a face of many famous brands and a muse for many designers. Near and dear ones call her Pallu in life, and she finds it quite endearing. Neon always saw a supermodel in herself ever since she has visualized herself into the professional world. She would stand in front of the mirror, and her cute self would pose for hours at a stretch.

So, it wasn’t a surprise when she took a step towards her long-prevailing dream and became a model. Always aspiring to be inimitable, Neon loves to pamper herself with everything beauty. You’ll hardly find her in her PJ’s as she’s ultra-fond of being red-carpet ready all the time, with her hair and makeup game on point. With a zeal to prove herself different from the rest, Neon has great ambitions to fly up high in the sky and what’s modeling allows her to do.

For her, being a model isn’t just a career choice but a way of life. She strives to inspire others through her stint at modeling. While walking on the ramp is when she feels the liveliest. This is when she feels the most confident and is able to connect with the audience in her true essence. The positive response she receives from the viewers works like oxygen for her. She’s up for any challenge thrown her way. With a smile on her face and a glint in her eyes, she has conquered all hurdles with flying colors.

Strutting down the runway, Neon has also ventured into the advertising industry. She has well-equipped herself to the shades of the industry. She understands how the camera works and what is the bestselling point of a brand that can capture people’s psychology.

Neon wants to help other aspiring models as well. That’s the reason why she invariably extends a helping hand towards others to make them understand the nuances of modeling. An example of perseverance and consistency, that’s Neon for you.

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