A girl who knows to outshine everyday – Muskan Kamdar!

Muskan Kamdar is a girl who learned to turn her inspirations and dreams into a reality. She is the one who came from a small place like Alwar with a simple living that made everyone and mostly herself proud by winning the title of Miss glam’s first runner-up. She also won the title of ‘Miss Viveish Queen’ in the National Beauty Contest – Miss and Mrs. India Glam Season 2, Jaipur.

Her journey of modeling started from the day she used to watch modeling shows. It happened when Manushi Chiller won the title of Miss India. The very moment inspired her to pursue this path herself. She was awestruck by the realization that even one person can change the lives of others by being such an inspiration, that was the time when she decided to focus on modeling along with her studies.

Muskan has dedicated herself to her  passion for modeling, evidenced in her lifestyle. Her day starts with yoga to calm and soothe her mind, body, and soul. She loves to connect with nature, even her daily skincare stuff includes herbal products only. She follows a healthy diet loaded with green vegetables and fruits and enjoys her sprints the most.

Indeed a confident girl; her inner belief is the core of her strength. These are the things that made her who she is today. Her confidence in herself helped her to fight through the struggle and the challenges she initially faced. Her family was not supportive of her choices that did not stop her from participating in various shows and competitions. Hence, she outshined everyone and proved that her dreams have always been worth taking risks for in her life.

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