Kingshuk Bhaduri

Hailing from a very small town named Najeebabad in UP, Kingshuk Bhaduri has come a long way in the Fashion Industry. Small cities have a limited number of opportunities, but Kingshuk made the best of what he had. His love for fashion is helping him reach new heights.

He believes that the fashion trends followed in small places are fairly limited, therefore his passion for apparels brought him to Mumbai, where he began doing what he loves the most. He is connected to his roots, and he believes there is much that can be done in terms of Indian or ethnic clothing. We can’t help but admire his artistic way of blending the Indian and Western culture which is quite evident in the clothes he has designed.

He considers Manish Malhotra to be his godfather and seeks inspiration from him. In the beginning, he created the brand Kamakhya, which was a huge hit with models, and he was quickly called to be a guest fashion designer for numerous Pageants. However, Kingshuk is not a tyro any more, he is all set to showcase his talent in several fashion weeks in Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Bangalore and Dehradun.

He adds a subtle and refined touch to the garments, making them look both beautiful and comfortable. He designs clothes which have light weight with a blend of stunning colors that give them a rich appeal while remaining comfortable to wear because he believes, “Any garment that is light in weight and has good colors can be worn on several occasions.”

Kingshuk’s mantra is to accept criticism and work on it to improve his designs. He has a positive outlook on life and is a hard working designer at the same time. As a result, he is surrounded by people who are supportive of him and his efforts.

To promote various fashion events, Kingshuk has partnered with the Times Globus. Kingshuk and his team attempted to combine contemporary aesthetics with traditional finesse in the show. The eminent fashionista has made trend-setting looks that have remained popular in 2019. With the first show in Dehradun and the second in Delhi, Kingshuk and his team intend to tour the country to showcase their talent.

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