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Kavita Ojha

They say, ‘journey is more important than the destination’. All because it is during the journey, we gain new experiences, and we meet people who help us carve our identities. And making our journey an exceptional one, we have, as part of our panel, Ms. KAVITA OJHA. Kavita is a spiritual life coach who firmly believes that each chapter of our life adds to the other and completes our story. Much like hers.

Hailing from the colourful city of Varanasi, Kavita grew up learning the lessons of spirituality. Born to a god-fearing mother and a father proficient in Astrology & Numerology, she was destined to explore the realm. But not before her foundations were laid. Student by discipline and creative by choice, Kavita went on to earn her master’s degree in fine arts. Creativity soon turned into her vocation and she joined the big world of advertising. While she was surrounded with the film scripts and awards, her true calling kept attracting her. The need to follow rituals and unearth ancient wisdom always scored high with her. Little did she know then, that creativity was enabling her subconscious mind to open and be receptive towards the divine gift, yet to realize. For Kavita, life took a sharp turn when she lost her mother. The pain and helplessness pulled her away from the material possessions and connected her to the higher power. And thus began her spiritual journey.

For Kavita, this dive into spirituality was to heal her own grief and come out stronger. But God had other plans. The learning that started with Reiki, continues even today. Kavita, who holds proficiency in Vastu shastra, is a Reiki Master and holds a Shree Charya degree in Astrology. A known Tarot reader, Numerologist, and a palmist, Kavita believes in a holistic approach towards healing her clients. To her interplay of numbers, directions and planets can help elevate our strengths. Contrary to the common perception, this spiritual life coach and a healer, is a Zumba expert. To her Zumba is a big milestone in her spiritual journey too. As she says, the discipline helped balance and activate her chakras enabling her to insulate herself mentally and physically from external pressures. Because she firmly believes, that if planets play a role in shaping our lives, we too, have an equally important role. A pleasing personality full of zest for life, regard for self and a practical outlook, Kavita is a strong example of how being true to your inner self can make you a people’s magnet. Conversations with this spiritual coach helps eliminate the divide between science and spirituality. Helping you take control of your life, while having strong faith in the power of divine.

Mastishkaa, her brand, emanated from this very philosophy, believes that if we develop enough strength, we can restore the order of our lives.

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