Joshita Bhushan’s Venture Dexterous Dessins Redefines The Future of Indian Hospitality Industry

Just 4 years old and DEXTEROUS DESSINS under the leadership of hotelier Joshita Bhushan has made a mark of excellence in providing comprehensive interior designing, MEP fit-out solutions and furnishings of workspace designs and creations. With an intention of providing finely executed and cutting-edge professional services, people at DEXTEROUS DESSINS does not leave a single stone unturned to make their clients satisfied. To achieve this modest goal, Joshita and her team of experts work closely to understand the core needs of their clients by studying their clientele’s hierarchy, business and the space in the finest detail.

Being a successful entrepreneur was a childhood dream of Joshita and she took the first step towards her success story when she studied to become the sole chief engineer in Indian hospitality industry. She took baby steps by working with Radisson group hotels and inculcating ample practical knowledge. After that, she concluded it was time for her to execute all her acquired knowledge for herself and hence, her endeavor came to life in the name of DEXTEROUS DESSINS. She proudly mentions that, My attitude of taking risk and never say die attitude pushed me to start my own business. I always wanted to utilize my skills for myself and hence journey of my company started.”

For Joshita to grow her business by leaps and bounds, her understanding and likeminded friend, business partner and confidant Nitin Tewatia plays a major role. She is grateful for his support every step of the way and accepts how he is a regular source of inspiration to her.

In the short time of its existence, Joshita’s brainchild DEXTEROUS DESSINS has been bequeathed with ‘Best Emerging Interior Designer 2019’. This speaks volumes about the unparalleled and consummate quality of her venture. Joshita’s sheer hard work and indomitable zeal makes her a powerful woman of today who believes in achieving all good things for DEXTEROUS DESSINS with integrity and her unfiltered willpower. From taking up a hard-to-achieve project to conquering all its clients expectations, DEXTEROUS DESSINS under the well-coordinated leadership of Joshita Bhushan is on the right path of reaching sky-rocketing heights in the future times.

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