Self-Reliant and Audacious Entrepreneur Joshita Bhushan- The First Chief Engineer in Hospitality

Hospitality industry is well dominated by male engineers but there is one inspirational hotelier woman who has set an exemplar remark for herself being the sole chief engineer in Indian hospitality sector. Joshita Bhushan, founder of DEXTEROUS DESSINS loves a bout of challenge and her entire journey has been nothing short of one. But she takes up each and every challenge with open arms and brings her A-game on every single time. She first proved her mettle as a success story during her 4 year tenure at Radisson group hotels, and now she substantiates an image of a woman of zeal and gusto being an excellent hotelier.

Ever since her younger years, Joshita was keen to become an entrepreneur while she vividly dreamed to create productive employment for the deserving. It was her risk-taking ability and push-till-the-end mentality that made her life-long dream comes true and how. In mere 3 years of her start-up, Joshita’s business has seen sky-reaching achievements and she credits it all to her dedication, hard work and determination.

In times of extreme societal pressures put on women all over the country, woman like Joshita Bhushan was working as a catalyst to make civil engineering a comfortable working field for bright fervent female talents.

Joshita’s ultimate goal in life is to take each day as a new learning opportunity and get past any losing battle as a fearless woman of today. She sincerely believes that only when faced with your greatest fears is when you bloom the most and outperform your own expectations.

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