Ishitta Chowdhary Celebrity Makeup artist, Founder of KNK

Ishitta Chowdhary’s journey is an example for those who want to establish themselves as well-known makeup artists in the fashion and film industries. She is the founder and educator of KNK Salon and Academy. She started working toward making her ambitions a reality at a very young age. Her mother, Poonam Ranjan Chowdhary, is the one who encouraged her to pursue her aspirations. Ishitta continues to develop and flourish. Her enthusiasm and affection for applying cosmetics and dressing someone to express themselves grew over time.

Poonam Ranjan Chowdhary, Her mother was a prosperous makeup artist herself; she began a salon on her own in 2010 and worked hard to build the legacy. In 2017, Ishitta joined her in business, and their salon quickly expanded, allowing them to convert it into an academy. They opened the academy with flying colors in 2018 to give their students access to international makeup education in India.

The list of accomplishments and experiences is more indicative of solitary labor. Ishitta’s hat is filled with many exquisite feathers, which demonstrate her expertise. She received her training from well-known artists including Mario Dedivanovic, Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, and Bobbi Brown. Malaika Arora, Rashmi Desai, Sreesanth, Rajniesh Duggal, and a host of other celebrities are just a few of the famous people she has styled. Her participation in a show like London Fashion Week is a memory-jogger and a chance to practice patience and management.

One of her most thrilling moments was going backstage at London Fashion Week. She recalls every detail as though it occurred yesterday. This fashion week was a great responsibility for her capable shoulders, just like any other show. Not everyone enjoys the thrill of excitement and the rapidity needed to pull off a spectacular display like this. The backstage area of fashion shows is typically chaotic and boisterous. When working with celebrities and models, you need to be focused and vigilant. A single error can affect the artist’s reputation.

She has the goal to improve the makeup business in her area such that it focuses more on enhancing a person’s features than on drastically altering their appearance. To raise the caliber of her students’ creative styling and raise the bar for makeup artists, she wants to integrate cosmetology into it. She can impart wisdom and tips to enhance and improve styling thanks to her industry knowledge and expertise.

Her personality might be characterized by empathy and creativity. Ishitta doesn’t want to keep her artistic abilities to herself. It is reflected in all other interests. Apart from being a celebrity MUA, she loves the companionship of animals. As an empath, she needs her pets to sustain the day.
She enjoys experimenting with interior design and other sorts of lifestyle art because of her artistic abilities. She prefers simplicity, therefore a typical makeup look for her would be peachy nude lips with strong smoky eyes and a delicate touch of blush and contouring.

Ishitta gets furious at the incapability of people to understand the power of makeup to redefine and express fearlessly. It is much more than looking beautiful or hiding under the layers. It helps highlight the best version of yourself to the world around you. She wants to break the taboos related to the industry and riot against the perspective of the general public.

Ishitta Chowdhary unleashes that being a makeup artist requires more than just passion. It also makes it easier to have the patience to put in long hours of labor to get the desired results. When it comes to the KNK Salon and Academy, she considers herself both an educator and an entrepreneur. Ishitta Chowdhary and Poonam Ranjan Chowdhary combine their knowledge in skincare, creativity, and to mentor and style anyone who chooses to associate with or receive training from KNK Salon and Academy. To aid more artists in developing their skills and expanding their audience, she wants to grow her academy and give it a distinctive identity.

If we discuss Poonam Ranjan Chowdhary, her mother. She has always been Ishitta Chowdhary’s main source of support. She was confident in her daughter’s ability to succeed and gave her the support and encouragement she needed. The diligent labor and commitment of this dynamic mother-daughter team are evident in KNK Salon and Academy. The facility provides a platform for students to work on the abilities needed to become makeup artists.

The beauty and fashion industries demand much traveling and exploring. To get knowledge of many cultural practices and makeup art or pattern types. One must take a lesson from her on how to make the routine job more pleasurable and less exhausting. Ishitta and her mother frequently go to nations such as the USA, UK, UAE, Russia, and other European nations to provide their students at the school in India with instruction and abilities that are on par with those found abroad. It seems as though there may still be something lacking from them even after learning so much about them.

At the end of the day, The ones who choose to work hard and dream big turn dreams into reality.

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