Ishitta Chowdhary’s journey into becoming one of the most successful makeup experts of India

  • How did you find the calling of becoming a makeup artist?
    After completing my Post graduation in 2018, I turned to my real passion : Crafting beauty to the art of makeup. I started with working under my mother Ms. Poonam Ranjan Chowdhary. She has been running her own studio since 2010 by the name KNK salon and makeup studio. I then went ahead and perfected my vocation under various celebrity artists like Bobbi Brown and Mario Dedivanovic in the states.
  • How did you start your own company of a well-established studio and makeup academy?
    I grew up seeing my mother being the boss lady that she is and I always looked up to her and wanted to be as empowered and yet do something creative! I went to Plouise makeup academy, UK to learn about makeup in depth and worked backstage for London Fashion week in 2019 only with a vision to be able to provide that level of international education in Lucknow, and that’s how we opened our very own KNK makeup and hair academy!
ishitta chowdhary
  • Were there any difficulties along the way when you took this as your living? Yes. I have been working as a full time makeup artist and educator, I do bridal, fashion, creative and sfx makeup. One thing that bothers me is that people don’t understand that makeup is far beyond “making yourself pretty”, it’s an expression of thoughts. Makeup is the most powerful tool to transform yourself into anything or anyone! As an entrepreneur I feel it takes a lot of work and determination to run a business, lead a team and generate revenue. And especially during such tough times, the most important thing is to survive the pandemic and be able to help our employees too.
    Message for young girls about a career in makeup artisty-
    Makeup industry looks very glamorous from afar. You gotta have thick skin if you want to sustain in the industry. People will appreciate your work most of the times and discourage you some times but you can not let it demotivate you. Just keep learning and practicing and believe in yourself.
    Major accomplishments
    I’ve been called by NIFT And lady irwin college, DU to host makeup workshops for their students
  • I’ve worked backstage for London fashion week SS20 collection
    Our team had worked with celebrities like
    Sreesanth, Rashmi desai, rajniesh duggal, Parul chauhan, Nivedita basu
    *I have been featured on pages like MAC cosmetics, Nyx cosmetics, Pinterest etc

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