A Fashion Extravaganza


Artists with pure creativity have always been prominent personalities in shaping various industries. There are several hidden talents spread across India with hidden potential. With this thought in mind, Stylize India is introducing a new frontier of fashion awards in the industry.

The objective is to find these talents and help them explore their capabilities. A grand event that will bring ministries, celebrities, and talents under a single roof to associate and unite for unfathomable possibilities.  Furthermore, the awards cover a broad spectrum of Fashion Arts. It is not limited to fashion designing or the clothing field but expands to cosmetic, aesthetic, and other elaborative segments.

Stylize India aims to assist in the long-term sustainability of creative enthusiasts and industries. The vision is to empower these talented individuals that act as the pulse of society across the globe. Stylize India will become a platform for individuals to showcase their brilliant creative visions and acquire the support they deserve.

By introducing these fashion awards, we aim to motivate and inspire the budding generation of artists. That their excellence shall be celebrated with the right credibility and recognition. As there is an imminent need for the growing support of fashion artists, we aim to curate and connect the world into a well-versed network of mutually beneficial connections.

With the ultimate vision, Stylize India has secured various ministries and celebrities to become a part of a revolutionary movement. Let’s build a new era of the fashion industry together.

Nominate Yourself


Network & Associate

Enigmatic personalities and leaders join the show to provide an opportunity to form beneficial connections. It is a golden opportunity to grow your network and establish contacts to take your endeavours to the next level.


Empower Your Passion

With apt connections, you also receive an unparalleled reach. The valuable insights and knowledge of the industry’s experts will prove to be a premium-grade education. You stand a chance to promote and empower your passion.


Appropriate Recognition

Stylize India aims to recognise and award those that have innovated or contributed to the fashion society. The positive impact as a recognition program will boost morale and inspire many to thrive.

Why Nominate?
  • Stylize India stands to become a world-class event to celebrate achievements. It will be a prominent recognition event.
  • It is an opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to connect with other personalities and excel in their careers. The exchange of ideas, techniques and approaches will lead to a remarkable development of the individuals and the industry.
  • Stylize India brings you an opportunity to promote yourself, your brand, and your capabilities. It is an open hub to gather and showcase your best and boost your business.
  • You stand a chance to discover potential and find innovations such as new styles, trends, and ideologies.