Helping India march forward towards a healthier lifestyle


A firm believer of holistic health attainment and overall wellness, nutritionist Archana Sinhha learned early on that right living can only be accomplished through comprehensive lifestyle habits. But that has never once deterred her from her first love – food. She is a big advocate of eating healthy, not eating less. That’s how the voyage of her brand DIETIFIK came to life.

She comes from the school of thought where fostering our body with good food, and better thinking is the only way to move forward. With her roots grounded in place, she isn’t a backer of some Sushi and Italian cuisines, but ‘Ghar Ka Desi Khana’ is what she often swears by. With her mantra of maintaining a balance between mind, body, and soul, she believes this equilibrium can help you conquer it all in life.

Archana’s never-ending zeal to improve has led her to move beyond her status quo and attain a state of mind that’s full of positivity and enthusiasm to learn everything new in her field. She comes from a place of sympathy and concern for people who juggle with overweight issues and has given wings to these lot through her made-to-order diet regimes and lifestyle alterations. She has efficaciously enthused many to inculcate “mindful eating”. A woman who believes in elevating fellow women’s self-esteem and overall credence, Archana is all for making a woman feel the prettiest in her own skin.

Being a prevailing woman of today is not her only accolade; she is a wife, a homemaker, a mother, and also a beauty queen. In fact, when she’s not being a source of powerhouse energy which she is most of the days, you’ll find her jamming around with her teenage boy, inventing some pretty funny rap songs.  With so many feathers in her cap, this woman sees the utmost contention when her clients fit into their old nicked jeans that they hurled away long back. In her own words, she insists that ‘The greatest gift you can give your family and yourself is a healthy you!’.

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